Dead Strike Free 12.02.02

Dead Strike Free 12.02.02


Size:37.1 MB

Date Added:25 April, 2014

Author: Corey Ledin

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Dead Strike is a mixture of a psychological survival horror and a zombie shooter genre.

Dead Strike is currently only available for the iPhone4 and up.

This game brings out a powerful and deep storyline, four different characters with unique abilities (different ways to play the game)!

Are you brave enough to face zombies or do you prefer to avoid them and act stealthy? Is up to you! Featuring eye candy graphics and special effects on the iPhone4.

- Four playable characters.
- Each one with unique abilities:
Speed, Strength, Healing, Damage, Stealth.
- Nine weapons (including Flamethrower, Mini-Gun and Chainsaw!)
- Powerful and deep survival horror storyline.
- Original soundtrack.
- Play through day and night!
- Lens-flare, Mist, fog and other effects!
- Life like special effects and animation.
- 3D spatial sounds, know exactly were an enemy is coming from!
- Monsters reacting to sounds and noises.
Communicating amongst each other, looking for fresh meat!
- Hordes fights and boss fights.
- Well-balanced difficulty progression:
The more you advance, the harder enemies are!
- Immersive 3D environments:
- 46 levels to play through, all in a huge urban European city.
Including: buildings, shops, industrial, etc.
- Item pickups (ammunition, items... even money).

!!Cheat (Score will not upload)
iwhantweapons: Ready for the next civilian war! Get All weapons.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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